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I, Brian Collins, was born in Cheltenham, England in 1959. My interest in art began at about the age of 11. Copying photographs in pencil taught me a lot about shading and how light falls on objects, I remember getting good marks for my drawings in science class first of all which made me realise I was a bit talented. Painting started to interest me, and I tried most types of medium.

 I didnt know what direction I was going in when it came time to leave school, the careers officer suggested training as a Technical Illustrator which is what I proceeded to do. My training gave me a lot of knowledge about perspective and a sense of 3-dimensionality.

 I spent three years at college and I moved from job to job for a couple of years, working in technical publications, exhibition work and then producing digital illustrations for computer based training, mainly in the aerospace industry. I was made redundant in 2010 and I am currently unemployed.

 Again I find myself at a point where I am at a loss of direction, as graphics technology is making my training obsolete. I would like to move away from purely technical work in any case, perhaps fate will lead me somewhere interesting.